Why does your sport trip help achieve the UNSD goals? Because sport is the essence of our trips and can be a path toward education 🎓 . Here are few reasons why sports 🚴🏼‍♀️ and development are linked , and why sport contributes to education  in a certain way.  Sport has a crucial role to play […]
Solidarity Race at home From April 28th to May 11th: 8400 km to reach Madagascar Your steps take educational projects further! 👣 👣 The NGO Agua de Coco will launch its Next Level solidarity race next Tuesday 28th April through the Kinendu app. Join and support their educational projects in Madagascar so that they can […]
We reduce our carbon footprint with Sostinendo Today is the  Earth Day50th anniversary ! We are sure that just like us, you want to take care of our beloved planet. Our current way of life is unfortunately dangerous to it, but each of us can help minimize its impact on our own scale.    If you’re […]
What are the UN development goals and RuntheWorld’s commitment to them? There are 17 development goals (ODS) of the United Nations and were created on September 25, 2015, from a meeting with world leaders where a set of objectives are proposed to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure sustainable development in the world.    […]
What is a social enterprise? A social enterprise is an organization that applies business strategies to maximize improvements in financial, social and environmental well-being. The social enterprise is one of the most rewarding activities a company can do. It not only gives employees and activists a sense of giving back to their community, but it […]
What is a solidarity trip? When one tries to translate the word “solidaria” into English, you realize that the subtleties of languages go beyond the words that compose them. Just as the term “snow” has dozens of nuances in some parts of the globe, other concepts do not exist as such depending on the language […] es una forma innovadora de colaborar y dar soporte a RuntheWorld es una plataforma de crowdfunding social y solidario que te permite colaborar con nosotros de manera original. te permite crear y liderar un reto solidario con el objetivo de recaudar fondos a través de micro-donativos. Sólo tienes que compartir tu campaña […]

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