Preparing for a Marathon? We have you covered.

Preparing for an upcoming marathon but have no idea where to start?

Don’t worry…we have you covered!

  1. Know your health status.
    Be aware of your limits and what your body can handle. There is a marathon for everyone!

  2. Choose a single race, and prepare MONTHS in advance.
    Running a marathon is time-consuming, but the reward and feeling of accomplishment is priceless!

  3. Start training with short distance runs, then begin to mix in long distance runs.
    Short runs (around 3 to 4 miles (4.8 to 6.4 km)) can improve your cardiovascular function. Medium runs (starting around 7 to 8 miles (11 to 13 km)) should be a little faster paced than short runs. These runs help you build confidence that you can run for an extended time!

  4. Train in high altitude areas…get those lungs working!
    In high-altitude environments, you draw in less oxygen per breath than you would at lower altitudes. At lower altitudes, we get a natural boost to the muscles when additional oxygen is available. This blood expanding effect can enhance performance by 1 to 2 percent.

  5. Find a running buddy.
    Running can sometimes get lonely; sometimes you will want someone to push you that extra mile, and have someone to celebrate when you reach a new achievement!
  6. Recover, Recover, Recover!
    You should ice down your shins, knees and any sore parts of your legs after each run or whenever you feel muscle soreness. The ice will reduce any swelling or bruising in your legs that could lead to a severe injury later on. Take some days off, your body deserves it!

  7. Eat your carbs…yes, we said carbs!
    While you’re training, 60 to 65% of your diet should come from mainly complex carbohydrates. Eat foods like potatoes, beans, yams, wheat bread, pasta and apples. Your body will thank you!

  8. Know preparing for a marathon takes TIME.
    DO NOT panic, listen to your body and take walking breaks while training if necessary. You will not be able to run a marathon overnight!

  9. Have your favorite tunes ready to play to keep you motivated your whole run.
    With a good playlist, you will feel like you can accomplish anything! Get together all your favorite motivational songs that will make you run that extra mile while training!

  10. Have your go-to running sneaker and socks
    Make sure you are comfortable every day you train, so that when it comes to running the marathon, you know exactly how you will be feeling and what you’ll be wearing!

As all of these tips are very important. The most crucial tip for us running fanatics is to have a reliable pair of sneakers and socks-especially the socks! Yes, we know, not many people first think about the socks they will be running a marathon in. However, if you don’t start with the little things, you could throw off your entire state of comfortability while running your marathon!

Laura, RuntheWorld Runner in the Sierra Leone Half Marathon 2019

Our partner Danish Endurance, has been working with us to make the power of running unite people and make a difference. Danish Endurance is a family-owned company that collaborates with Olympic athletes and outdoor specialists to present people with the best performance sporting gear. Their socks are just one of their many long-lasting products that not only endures but also supports training. 

Danish Endurance looks to work with underdog athletes that are trying to achieve something greater. They appreciate people who not only value the race and the experience of it, but people who are willing to take that next step and use their athletic abilities to do better in the world! Danish Endurance provides people with products, specifically their socks that let people not only achieve great success from running and physical activity, but also bringing awareness to issues within society, or even the world!  They support brands and people that strive to do good in the world, as to why Danish Endurance has decided to join the Run the World community and projects.

Danish Endurance has been a part of assisting, sponsoring and helping the first ever Dane to reach the top of Mt. Everest without the use of artificial oxygen. Rasmus Kragh was awarded with the annual Danish Endurance award, to which he received a DKK 25.000 payment as the prize.   

Together we will continue to support athletes trying to achieve their personal goals while also striving to achieve much more for the greater good at the same time.

Do you want to come on an Endurance Journey of a lifetime with us? 

This upcoming 2020 Spring, you have the opportunity to come along with us, RuntheWorld, and try the socks by Danish Endurance to experience something great, yet do something even greater. 

RuntheWorld and Street Child, a partnered NGO, present the solidarity marathon by Street Child, in the heart of Africa. An unforgettable experience awaits you. As well as experiencing countries and cultures different than own, you will discover a parallel reality full of surprises and emotions.In tropical surroundings, you will see the projects of one of the more active NGOs in the area, and you will meet a new group of friends united by the same cause- that is one experience that no runner would want to miss.

For further information about our challenges around the world, visit our experiences and sign up for our marathon with positive impact.

Come and Run the World with us!

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