Meet Camila, Marketing & Communication Manager at RuntheWorld

Meet Camila, Marketing & Communication Manager at RuntheWorld

“You came here to be happy, don’t get distracted,” that’s Camilla’s motto. A couple of months ago we began to introduce ourselves (interview with Carole our CEO, in the article about March 8, Women’s Day) and we want to continue sharing our essence, what moves us as human beings, as a team since the company is made by people, their values and above all their passions.

RtW: Tell us a bit about your background, your hobbies:

Camila: I think I am a communicator by nature, apart from having studied 🎓. I’ve always liked not only connecting with new people, but also connecting brands with people or people with each other. What I found in communication is the power to bring people together, to unite them. There is a phrase that defines me completely, and that says that although I am a digital communicator I am also “social dependent” because I need to be in contact with people all the time 🔗.

As for passions, it is very simple: sport and travel. I am from Argentina, now I live in Spain and when I am not cooking, laughing with my friends or dancing, I am doing some kind of sport.

With respect to RuntheWorld I think what sparked my interest when I first got to know the project is the idea of not only connecting brands with people, but also opportunities for change, whether social or environmental 🍃 with them. What makes me happy is to be able to combine my passion with my profession and generate a change, an impact that involves human beings.

RtW: How did you join the RuntheWorld team?

Camila: I met Carole while doing sports 🏃‍♀️, for a change (laughs). You see that both sport and travel make us meet unique people 🙌🏻 And well I think that having so many things in common made us friends and ended up working together.

From the moment she told me about RtW it stuck in my head and I said WOW, a project that brings together all my passions, how beautiful! Hopefully one day we will do something together. And … happily, here we are 😊

RtW: That’s a nice story. Well, then we’ll move on to more personal questions. What were you like as a child?

Camila: I was already very sociable and risky as a child. My mother told me that when I was 10 months old I was already throwing myself from one armchair to the other alone. 👶🏻 I would fall, get up and try again until I learned to walk. And at that age I was walking alone everywhere where there were people. When I was two years old I got lost on a beach in Brazil and I appeared two hours later, on the shoulders of a man who was shouting my name. And I was laughing out loud, no trauma. Imagine how my parents were!

RtW: What do travel and sport have in common for you?

Camila: I think that both sport 🏄🏻‍♀️ and travel 🌎 make you meet new people, new cultures, new ways of relating and behaving. And that’s what makes you more empathetic and supportive. In particular for me, it happened so much with sport as with travelling that once I started, I couldn’t stop!

RtW: What virtue is most important to you in order for us as a society to achieve the change we desire?

Camila: Empathy, again, to stop thinking so much about one, to leave the ego aside and put oneself in the other’s place, to try to feel what the other feels, to live what the other lives. 🤲🏻 It’s very difficult, it costs me a lot, but it’s the only way to be moved by the other and do something, to take action.

RtW: What do you want to be able to tell your grandchildren or great-grandchildren (if you want to have them)?

Camila: 😂 Even though it’s against my lifestyle, I would love to have many children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I would love to tell them anecdotes that make them reflect on their mission in this life, what really fills their souls and they go out to look for it, always with that general vision of taking care not only of us but also of the world and of others.

That is my mission: to be happy, to share with beautiful people and, of course, to do sports by traveling and taking care of this beautiful world that has touched us.

RtW: Which cause touches you the most?

Camila: I think all causes are important but I’m always more concerned with anything that involves children. I see them so defenseless, innocent, smiling, playing, not questioning and doing what they are told. 👼🏽 No one chooses where to be born and that we all have not been given the same opportunities moves me a lot. So for me, the key is education (quality and universal) and if I have to choose a cause it would be this one, together with the protection of children.

RtW: And finally, the question we’ve all been waiting for to know if we can share an adventure with you… Are you planning to take part in one of the RuntheWorld trips? Which one appeals to you the most and why?

Camila: I want to participate in all the trips, I find them to be incredible experiences! 🛫🌍 And that’s what I like most about being part of RtW: communicating experiences that I’m proud of and happy that people are joining in. But to answer you more specifically, I can tell you that I love running, and a marathon to support the rights to education of children who do not have access to it, is one of the first challenges I want to live as soon as we can travel.

So my next adventure will be the Street Child Marathon in Sierra Leone! Are you in?

👉 If you want to participate in one of our adventures, take a look at the program and join us!

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